1 Train between 66th Street and 72nd Street

Two immaculate white guys, both late twenties, in crisp, early-spring outerwear.  They stand very close together, holding the bar.

Pea Coat: Seriously I have to take two naps a day these days because there’s so much going on.

Scarf: Uh-hunh.

Pea Coat: I don’t take two naps a day.

Scarf: I do.

Pea Coat: I don’t but I would if I could.

Scarf: I took a little nap in the opera back there.

Pea Coat: Hello(little pause)  True, I’m a passionate person?  Which is sometimes read as dramatic?  But I don’t have a choice, it’s my truth.

Scarf: It is your truth.

Pea Coat: I have to live.  If I feel something I have to live it.  If I like someone and I find out they’re sleeping with someone else I’m going to say something about it which can come across as dramatic but I’m sorry, it’s who I am.  You’re the same way.  You’re the same way.

Scarf: I’m dramatic.  When I do something or say something and someone says “You’re being dramatic” I’m like, Okay, we are no longer dating.

Pea Coat: Exactly.

Scarf: If someone says “You’re being dramatic” I’m like first of all I’m offended, that’s my profession, and second of all?

Pea Coat: Exactly.

Scarf: Right?  I’m like second of all I make money off of this.  Or I could.  I don’t but I could.

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