A Train between West 4th Street and High Street

Three twentysomething girls–variations on the theme of leggings, bubble tops and ballet flats–all wearing ID tags in plastic cases on lanyards around their necks, arranged maypole-style around a handrail by the subway door.

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: She’s nice, though.

Ponytail Girl: She’s nice, but if you entertain it, if you entertain it, she will do it all day.  Britney and me entertained it one day and we were hearing it all, day, long.  The whole story of her amazing life.  She has a driver.

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: But she’s a nice girl.

Totebag Girl: She is nice.

Ponytail Girl: Yeah, it’s not like the kind of thing where you’re like, I hate her.  It’s just, do we have to be having this conversation again?  Do we have to hear about your whole amazing life again?

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: But she’s nice.

Ponytail Girl: She’s nice.  She’s really full of herself.  She’s always showing pictures of herself in her bikini.  She was like, Do you guys want to go and work out sometime?  Me and Britney were like, we are not going near that girl with dumbbells.  And her ring, she kept showing it around after she got it.  It’s amazing.  That girl reeks of money.

Totebag Girl: What does he do?

Ponytail Girl: Financial.  But her family has money.

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: Did you see Kayla’s ring the other day when she–

Ponytail Girl: (vehement) Did you see it?  Did you see it?  It literally did not exist.  She had an engagement ring and a band and she was waving it around and it was nonexistent.  Nonexistent.

Totebag Girl: Some people don’t have–

Ponytail Girl: But she’s always pretending she’s loaded.

Totebag Girl: I know how she is, and it seems weird, but it makes more sense to me now that I know more people, and I know lots of little things about people.  The way you’re gonna say things to people.  How people are.


Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: I have a ring but I don’t wear it to school.

Ponytail Girl: Because you have a brain.

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: First of all I don’t wear it on the subway ever.  If we get dressed up I sometimes wear it.  Weddings and funerals, whenever Dave would wear a suit I sometimes wear it.  It’s, also it’s embarrassing, people think you have money and we don’t.

Totebag Girl: If you have it, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Ponytail Girl: True and everybody would like to have it.

Pink Plastic Glasses Girl: She’s really pretty nice.  She’s low key about everything.

Ponytail Girl: Someone was like, Oh she’s always so casual, and I was like, I don’t have money so I can tell you, those are the track pants of someone with money.  And that girl’s ring is amazing.  Ring of joy, is what that is.  Britney was saying it cost like fifty thousand dollars.  (Pause.)  I guess if you have a driver that’s no big deal.

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