Domestic Arrivals, Dulles International Airport, Washington DC

Bored five-year-old boy, his bored four-year-old sister, and bored dad, leaning all over each other out of boredom waiting for their mom to walk through the Domestic Arrivals doors, 10:30 p.m.

Boy: Dad, when you were a kid, were gingersnaps even invented?

Dad: Yes.

Boy: Were…movies?

Dad: Yes.

Boy: Were aliens?

Dad: There’s no such things as aliens.

Boy: Yes there is!  (re: his sister’s snack) That’s an alien yogurt!  (sighs) I wish my birthday was tomorrow.

Girl: (hushed, dramatic) How about this? What if it was every day?

Dad: If your birthday was every day you’d be dead by now.

Boy: I wish it was every day but we never died and we never got old and we always looked awesome and we never got tired!


Girl: Daddy I’m tired.

Dad: Let’s play the silent game.

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