Mercer Street between Bleecker and East 4th

Stoop-shouldered reedy guy in black skinny jeans and black hoodie; short, curvy girl in black skinny jeans and black hoodie.

Reedy Guy: (mellow drawl) I’ve developed like…this whole metaphor for it.  Do you want to hear it?

Curvy Girl: (clipped) Um, sure.

Reedy Guy: So like, the internet is like, God, right?  Like the supreme omnipotent being. And below that you have your networks, networks are like the physical ground we walk on, like…

Curvy Girl: The earth?

Reedy Guy: Right, like the physical ground of the earth.  Then you have your hackers,  who are prophets and demigods.  Or no, programmers are demigods and hackers are prophets.  And then below them you have your priests, two kinds of priests, one kind is like…celebrities, who control like the aesthetic environment of the internet, and one kind is like…um…you know those people who like, make things happen?  Who like move huge waves of people from one place to another on the internet?  Like when the Friendster collapsed these people moved everyone over to MySpace and Facebook?  Those people are like priests, and celebrities.  And then below that you have your average users.  So in this world social networking sites are like the temples, because you go there to like worship um…the reflection the priests show you of the omnipotent being.  Which is the internet.  Are you like…getting this?

Curvy Girl: I’m trying to follow it.

Reedy Guy: It doesn’t necessarily have…meaning.

Curvy Girl: Have you told this to Sean?

Reedy Guy: Dude, you know I can’t tell this to Sean.  I do not talk about this kind of thing with Sean.  It would fuck with him uncontrollably.

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