Whole Foods Union Square, 14th Street and Broadway

Scrawny hipster boy in plastic-rimmed glasses and a hoodie sits across the table from delicate, scarf-draped Euro hipster girl.  They eat vegetarian pizza and chat haltingly.

After a long pause:

Hipster Boy: I had a girlfriend once who played the accordion.  She wouldn’t let me tell anyone about it.

Hipster Girl: That’s crazy.

Hipster Boy: She was a music major.  She swore me to secrecy.

Hipster Girl: That’s crazy.  If I had an accordion I would strap it on and go out on my balcony and play and play.

Hipster Boy: Yeah, I’d take it on the subway.

Hipster Girl: Oh no that’s crazy.  I need to be away from people if I am going to play the accordion.  I need my balcony.  I need my comfort zone.

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