14th Street between 1st and 2nd

Two young choady dudes–ringer Ts, long shorts, flip flops–ambling easy through the cool July morning.

Choady Guy 1: You know how like girls will get their periods and then if they’re like living together all of them will start to get their periods at the same time?

Choady Guy 2: I heard of that, yeah.

Choady Guy 1: It’s like, one girl’s flow will be the strongest and she’ll like overpower the weaker ones.

Choady Guy 2: Yeah, yeah. (pause) But how do they know when to start? How do they know when the one girl’s having it, like by scent?

Choady Guy 1: (serious) No it’s weird, it’s like, more subconscious than that. You’ll see girls where one of them will have their period and the rest of them will just like, start having their period even though they don’t know why.

Choady Guy 2: Weird.

Choady Guy 1: I know, it’s a weird kind of awareness that they have.

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  1. Ha!

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